Sunday, 12 January 2014

Shadow Elves

The Vaults of Pandius Mysteria Homepage has an entire underground race laid out with maps, economics, NPC's, Societies, etc

Shadow Elves

Elfmaids And Octopi

Chris Tamm's blog Elfmaids and Octopi is another that requres a chaper heading of its own. He produces a huge amount of stuff.

These are just his fantasy tectonics posts, there is a lot more there if you want to look.

Fantasy Tectonics - Vault of Ages One

Fantasy Tectonics - Vault of AgesTwo

Fantasy Tectonics - Devil Hill

Mapping Tools

These are all web-based mapping tools that can create extensive maps quickly.

Daves Mapper

1km 1kt


axiscity hexamon

Dysons Dodecahedron

jbeltmen also reminded me of Dysons endless Borgesian mapping quest to map everything that could possibly exist.

There is TOO MUCH good stuff on Dyson's Blog for me to break it down easily here. I intend to one day. But for now, here are some useful labels.


Cavern Caverns


jbeltmen brought to my attention a bunch more geomorphs from various blogs. Most of these are dungeony, but they all have some cave systems.

original edition fantasy


hereticwerks just has a bunch of stuff

planetalgol (Planet Algol guy, where did you go?)

dagwood sandwich (This is a BIG pdf full of maps)

fighting fantasist (these are all 'square' so more dungeony)

Friday, 10 January 2014

Experimental Complex Generator

I made this and Brendan instantly turned it into an automated generator.

Greyhawks Underdark by Maladin

These maps of Grehawks Underdark by Maladin are extensive and very good. A great deal of information here.

This page in the same site is about the Dragonsfoot Collaborative Project: Mapping the Depths Of The Earth.

Geomorphs from Kellri

These Geomorphs are more dungeony than Underdark but could be useful.

Map from The Metal Earth

This map comes from the Metal Earth blog

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Mapping the Depths project from Dragonsfoot

I think these maps are reconstructions and compilations of all the original D&D Underdark modules. Put together by the Dragonsfoot forum.

Aeons and Augauries Peddlers Of The Deep Dark

Aeons and Auguries guy did this excellent table for Underdark Merchants you encounter.

Peddlers of the Deep Dark

All Of The Dungeon Dozen Underdark Tables

Dungeon Dozen guy has written a version of D&D based entirely around the D12. Here are all the d12 tables that might relate to the Underdark

(EDIT, Blessings Of The Dice Gods did a better version of this arrangement. go half way down the page.)

why is there an underworld

random underworld ecosystem part one
random underworld ecosystem part two
random underworld ecosystem part three

underworld cash crops

Getting Around
underworld river vessels
underworld transport and hauling
underworld accommodations 

Things You Can Meet
non combatants of the underworld
wandering underworld deities
dwellers in lightless pits  (This is not specifically Underworld but I thought close enough.)
xenophobia in underworld  (A reaction chart to surface dwellers)

underworld afflictions effects of long term exposure to the underworld

Places And Events
more wonders of underworld
underworld festivals and holy days
underworld sporting events

commonly abused underworld intoxicants
benevolent parasites of underworld
underworld hunting and foraging success 
things washed up on subterranean beach
messages intercepted from the underworld

in blasted lands of fallen moon (Not Underworld, but I thought it was strange and beautiful and alien.)